An agricultural testament

Professor Luís Carlos Pinheiro Machado, from the federal agencies of RS - BR and SC - BR, was also president of EMBRAPA in 1985. Writer, and a high-level scholar of Agronomy, recently toasted us, bringing us a book by Sir Albert Howard,

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The kid, the father and the dog.

A friend told me that he read a sentence on the internet and got scared. It was this: “How strange people are…. they leave their son in a nursery, the father in an asylum, and go for a walk with the dog ”. I asked him who

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“Keep this place clean”

- Don't pee on the floor! - Flush after use. - Keep this place clean. After you, others will use this toilet. Yes it's true. I'm not making anything up. Anyone traveling through Brazil has seen this. These instructions are

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Flowers, pots and seeds

When we see an arrangement of flowers on the table, what can we feel? Joy in the heart? Do we want to smell it? Indifference? And ... after a few days or weeks, when they wither, and the petals start to fall on the table? Which would be

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The broken sidewalk and natural healing

Putting on my boots, I was walking on a sidewalk older than they were. When I passed over a small hole, which time made in the cement, I couldn't resist. I took a step back and started watching it. Saw

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Gisele and Tereza in the country of green tones

Once upon a time there were two girls, who lived in a distant country, called Green. It had this name because it was all green, when seen from the top, from an airplane for example. But, getting closer, the single green turned into many

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