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The real Sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic made us rethink our habits and methods of consumption, and highlighted the term 'sustainability'. But, do you really know what it means? How does agriculture contribute to a sustainable world?

BNF: Everything you need to know.

Understand the process that makes Brazil the largest soybean producer in the world: we present you the Biological Nitrogen Fixation. Click to watch!

Organic and agroecological food: is there a difference?

A brief reflection for you to understand, once and for all, the differences between the systems, involving nutritional, environmental and even labor issues.

Invasive plants and the lessons of nature

Is it possible to control them without harming the environment? Watch this video and understand how weeds can be great messengers of crop problems.

Increase productivity in corn crop without nitrogen fertilizers

Using accessible and effective resources, combine three tools that will increase the amount of N in the system, without necessity of nitrogened fertilizer.

Agro versus Eco: is there a villain?

Placed on opposite sides: agribusiness and agroecology. It is necessary to destroy this dualism towards the regeneration of agroecosystems.

Agro Eco Ciência

Our goal is to spread the science that underlies the use of sustainable practices with a focus on developing intelligent, responsible and profitable food production systems; and in balance with the environment.

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