Founded in 2018, IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology is an association of private law, non-profit, of organizational character and without political or partisan nature. 


It is governed by its Bylaws, defined after the General Meeting, and consists of the following administrative bodies:



Antônio Nascimento Silva Teixeira
Executive Director

Agronomist graduated in 1982 from the Federal University of Lavras - MG. Master's degree in Soil Science from UNESP de Jaboticabal - SP, in 2000. Salesman and Manager for 4 years in multinational companies in Mato Grosso - BR and Rio Grande do Sul - BR (Ciba and Basf). Entrepreneur and executive in the trade of agricultural inputs, for 13 years. Professor for 12 years and coordinator of the Agronomy course at FAZU - Faculdades Associadas de Uberaba - MG. First professor of Agroecology at FAZU, in 2000. Vegetable farmer for 7 years, soil and hydroponic crops. Technical consultant in Brazil for 10 years; pioneer in Agroecosystem Bioactivation and Professional Agroecology (composting, organic complexation, rock powders, etc.). Founder and Executive Director of IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.


Julia Vieira de Camargo Lopes

Agronomist graduated from UNESP / FCAV - Campus de Jaboticabal in 2018. During graduation, made an internship in the area of ​​Agricultural Entomology, focused on ecological pest management. In addition, during the nine-month period, made a curricular internship at Raízen Energia S.A., in the area of ​​Agroindustrial Logistics. Has practical experience in conducting field and laboratory experiments, as well as project management, process standardization and people management. Is currently General Coordinator of IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.


Rafaela Guio Ferreira
Gestora de Projetos

Graduada em Engenharia Agronômica pela UNESP/FCAV – Campus de Jaboticabal, já foi membro do Grupo PET- Engenharia Agronômica, monitora da disciplina de Hortaliças, estagiária no Laboratório de Produção Vegetal, ligado Núcleo de Estudos em Olericultura e Melhoramento e bolsista de Iniciação Científica FAPESP. Atualmente é gestora de projetos e responsável pela comunicação do IBA – Instituto Brasileiro de Agroecologia.