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Annual Report 2018

The Brazilian Institute of Agroecology aims to propose and develop new models of food production for agribusiness. Check it out our annual report.

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Annual Report 2019

Know a little more about our trajectory until now and, what are the current projects that have the support of great partners and collaborators.

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8 Benefits of Organic Fertilization

Electronic book that enables rural producers and professionals in the field to develop a quality organic fertilizer in a practical and assertive way.

Thinking of those who understood that it is not necessary to destroy nature to make money, this e-book was developed.

We all need trees, soil, water and healthy air to be healthy and happy. Our children and grandchildren will also need it. How can we love them and, at the same time, destroy their chances of living well?

What today may seem like a small change in the way we produce our food, may be the key to saving our natural resources and our health.

Download our 100% free e-book and be part of the change!

A little bit of the material:

Practical and applicable tips for you to start producing organic fertilizer on the farm.
What are the types of organic fertilizers.
What are the main advantages of organic fertilization. And much more!

Rest assured that, using environmental and social intelligence, we will all gain much more. Including money! The professional who destroys nature, is a professional with no future, and his days are numbered. Whoever is concerned with preserving and rebuilding will have the keys that open the door to a better future.

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