What is soil environmental accounting in food production?

Environmental accounting is understood as the annual measurement and recording of physical, chemical and biological parameters that unequivocally point out the consequences of the production system used, in the degradation / intoxication or in the recovery / detoxification of that agroecosystem, as well as the environment as a whole, including people.


  • Environment

    Preservation of the ecosystem as a whole, ensuring its longevity and functioning for future generations.

  • Farmer

    Increased production profitability with reduced spending on external inputs coupled with increased long-term productivity.

  • Consumer

    Consumption of cleaner food which directly contribute to health.


  • Measurement and annual recording of physical, chemical and biological parameters of the soil.

  • Duration: 10 years.

  • Measurements on properties in an agroecological system or in transition to.


Our ultimate goal is to value for food producers that have good soil environmental accounting indicators

  • Soil Environmenta Accouting

  • Environmental Traceability

  • Environmental Certification

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