Desecrated Temple

José accelerated his garbage truck to the maximum. He followed the street at full speed. In his fit of madness, he burst into the church, knocking down the front door and a piece of the wall. Inside that religious temple, he discharged

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Agrotoxic or pesticides?

I confess that I reflected for some time, before I decided to write this text. The fear of displeasing many readers crossed my mind. In a quick tour of the web, I easily noticed that the old, false-polemical mold continues, even after

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Organic fertilizer yes ... but with science!

The origins of the current fertilization model existed less than a hundred years ago, a general awareness, among food producers, that organic fertilization, in a way, was unsurpassed. At that time, you never imagined that, one day,

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Breaking paradigms to harvest more

We made a lot of mistakes in the past; we throw geniuses at the bonfire, Christians to hungry lions. We condemn sages to drink poison and the most enlightened of all to die on the cross. History is full of mistakes and making mistakes is inherent to the human condition.

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An agricultural testament

Professor Luís Carlos Pinheiro Machado, from the federal agencies of RS - BR and SC - BR, was also president of EMBRAPA in 1985. Writer, and a high-level scholar of Agronomy, recently toasted us, bringing us a book by Sir Albert Howard,

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The kid, the father and the dog.

A friend told me that he read a sentence on the internet and got scared. It was this: “How strange people are…. they leave their son in a nursery, the father in an asylum, and go for a walk with the dog ”. I asked him who

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