Soil: The base of everything!

The soil on which a plant is grown has an immense effect on its constitution. A healthy, high-functioning soil will produce tasty, aromatic, nutritious crops that must dry out, not rot. Historically, agricultural societies that have risen in

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Crop nutrition for public health

Regenerative agriculture should be an agricultural model that aims to regenerate public health to the same degree as the regeneration of soil health. After all, every farmer knows that cattle health and performance are directly related to

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Second World War. August 1st, 1944. German soldier Horst Rippert just shot down a French Air Force plane. The aircraft, a P-38 Lightning, and its pilot, sank in the beautiful blue sea, a few kilometers

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Desecrated Temple

José accelerated his garbage truck to the maximum. He followed the street at full speed. In his fit of madness, he burst into the church, knocking down the front door and a piece of the wall. Inside that religious temple, he discharged

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Agrotoxic or pesticides?

I confess that I reflected for some time, before I decided to write this text. The fear of displeasing many readers crossed my mind. In a quick tour of the web, I easily noticed that the old, false-polemical mold continues, even after

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