Founded in 2018, IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology is an association of private law, non-profit, of organizational character and without political or partisan nature.

It is governed by its Bylaws, defined after the General Meeting, and consists of the following administrative bodies:

  • Executive Board
  • Consulting Board
  • Technical Board
  • Fiscal Board


Executive Director

Antônio Nascimento Silva Teixeira

Agronomist graduated in 1982 from the Federal University of Lavras - MG. Master's degree in Soil Science from UNESP de Jaboticabal - SP, in 2000. Salesman and Manager for 4 years in multinational companies in Mato Grosso - BR and Rio Grande do Sul - BR (Ciba and Basf). Entrepreneur and executive in the trade of agricultural inputs, for 13 years. Professor for 12 years and coordinator of the Agronomy course at FAZU - Faculdades Associadas de Uberaba - MG. First professor of Agroecology at FAZU, in 2000. Vegetable farmer for 7 years, soil and hydroponic crops. Technical consultant in Brazil for 10 years; pioneer in Agroecosystem Bioactivation and Professional Agroecology (composting, organic complexation, rock powders, etc.). Founder and Executive Director of IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.


Julia Vieira de Camargo Lopes

Agronomist graduated from UNESP / FCAV - Campus de Jaboticabal in 2018. During graduation, made an internship in the area of Agricultural Entomology, focused on ecological pest management. In addition, during the nine-month period, made a curricular internship at Raízen Energia S.A., in the area of Agroindustrial Logistics. Has practical experience in conducting field and laboratory experiments, as well as project management, process standardization and people management. Is currently General Coordinator of IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.

Project Manager

Rafaela Guio Ferreira

Graduating in Agronomic Engineering at UNESP / FCAV - Campus de Jaboticabal, was a member of PET- Agronomic Engineering, monitor of the discipline of Vegetables, intern at the Laboratory of Vegetable Production, linked to the Center for Studies in Vegetable Breeding and had a Scientific Initiation Scholarship by FAPESP. Currently an agricultural and communication trainee at IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.

Council member

Augusto Teixeira

Agronomist graduated from UNESP / FCAV - Jaboticabal Campus in 2018. He has experience in plant nutrition, plant physiology, management of agricultural systems and manufacture of enriched and stabilized organic fertilizers. He is currently Technical Sales Representative for Stoller do Brasil Ltda. and member of the Consulting Board of IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.


Gabriella Brandão

Graduating in Agroecology at the State University of Paraíba-UEPB, CNPq scientific initiation scholarship, currently works in the area of ​​Agrarian Sciences with an emphasis on Food Microbiology. Monitor of the discipline of Soil Microbiology, develops research at LET-Termite Ecology Laboratory, working with termite microbial ecology. Trainee at IBA-Brazilian Institute of Agroecology.


Maria Antônia de Carvalho

Gratuating in Agronomy at UFMG / ICA - Campus Montes Claros, holds a Scientific Initiation scholarship by CNPq, works on research projects in the areas of Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Breeding. Already has worked as a monitor of the disciplines of Pedology and Genetics, and did an internship in the area of ​​Coffee Improvement at the Federal University of Viçosa.


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