Our focus is scientific oriented on food production in Brazil.


Promote the construction and development of technical-practical models for food production, compatible with human and environmental values, and with society's wishes for more health and quality of life.

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  • Research and produce data with hard evidence

  • Organize and generate procedures that enable the implementation

  • Teach, publicize, stimulate and find engaged people


Foster sustainable agriculture in Brazil.


To be a reference for tropical agriculture, in the consolidation of sustainable models of food production in Brazil.


  • Respect for the Environment

  • Commitment to Results

  • Make it happen

  • Truth, Integrity and Transparency


Based on our strategies towards our goal, we develop our projects. Check it out!

  • Soil Environmental Accounting

    In order to produce more and obtain greater profitability, it is essential to understand the Soil Environmental Accounting of your property.

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  • Health Producer

    We want to unite farmers who care about growing healthy foods with consumers looking for food nutricionaly richer and food security. The Health Producer seal will bridge the gap!

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We bring quality and useful information on sustainable agriculture in Brazil and worldwide. Check it out!


Understand more about large-scale sustainable agricultural practices.

The latest in universities, events and lectures on sustainable agriculture, besides our projects in practice!

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Our partners

We have partners committed to developing cleaner food production systems with us for the health of people and the environment.

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